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Ladybug® steam cleaners are designed and built in Italy by experienced technicians who are as passionate about building the finest steam cleaners as you are in owning one. Ladybug’s attention to detail is unmatched in the industry, and their strict testing policies guarantee a product that will last. Ladybug offers two categories of steam cleaners: with TANCS® or without TANCS®.

What is TANCS®?

TANCS®, or Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, allows consumers and businesses to effortlessly use proprietary water treatment with nano crystals to destroy microorganisms, eliminate biofilms, kill bacteria and disinfect almost any surface thousands of times better and quicker than most chemical disinfectants.

Does that mean steamers without TANCS® do not disinfect?

Absolutely not. All Ladybug® steam cleaners disinfect. But only steamers equipped with TANCS® have been scientifically tested and certified by Nelson Labs of Utah. Because of this third-party certification, Ladybug® steam cleaners outfitted with TANCS® qualify as a disinfection device with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Do I need TANCS®?

That depends. TANCS® is ideal for many commercial settings—like dental offices, restaurants, nursing homes and hospitals—where the highest level of cleanliness is required. However, that level of clean is not important to some consumers. That being said, the vast majority of our customers choose TANCS® because of the free lifetime boiler warranty (3 years on other internal pats) it carries.

Now it’s time to compare the various Ladybug® models. All are lightweight and on wheels that maneuver quickly and easily to effortlessly move from room to room, and all feature a boiler that produces steam drier than any other steam cleaner on the market today.

The Ladybug® 2150 is ideal for those wanting the excellence of a Ladybug® in a compact unit at an affordable price. It’s ideal for smaller homes and apartments. Like all Ladybug® steam cleaners, it features a continuous flow operation. Just like you never open your car radiator when the engine is hot, you never remove the safety cap on the boiler of a steam cleaner when it’s hot. Ladybug® steam cleaners have a second non-pressurized tank where you can add water at any time. This reservoir continuously feeds water to the boiler so that you never have to stop cleaning to cool the system down to add water. The TANCS® option is not available with the Ladybug® 2150.

The Ladybug® 2200S boasts the same premium features as the Ladybug® 2150 buy also offers the TANCS® technology option and a gauge for boiler pressure measurement. Unlike power washers, steam cleaners are designed to operate at low pressure, usually around 60 psi.

The next step up is the hugely popular Ladybug® XL2300. The principal difference between the XL2300 and the 2200S is an onboard tool caddy, which conveniently carries a collection of accessories right on the steamer and at your fingertips, preparing you for just about any cleaning assignment.

The crème e la crème of the Ladybug® series is the Ladybug® Tekno 2350. If “amazing” weren’t already a word, we’d have to invent it. This incredible cleaning device is our top-seller and offers the features to look for when buying a steam cleaner for serious home or commercial use—technology, reliability and durability. Combining exceptional cleaning and disinfecting power with compact size, the Tekno 2350 offers pressure up to 80 psi and comes standard with TANCS®, which makes it especially suitable for schools, hotels, restaurants, contract cleaning, nursing homes and medical offices, yet it remains light and compact enough for use in the home. Simply put, the Ladybug® Tekno 2350 reflects not only your sense of style, but also your desire to own the very best steam cleaner of its kind. The Tekno offers an optional trolley.