TANCS technology by Ladybug—Destroys SARS-CoV-2 & more

Proven by science

Our innovative tech is a factory-installed internal component designed to kill microscopic organic matter such as germs, bacteria, and viruses in mere seconds. In fact, in a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers in the School of Environmental Health at the University of Michigan found that TANCS®-equipped steam vapor systems achieve a greater bacterial biofilm kill rate in 3 seconds than a 20-minute exposure to bleach.

It's time to say goodbye to harmful chemical disinfectants

Cleaning chemicals have unintended effects. We may be poisoning our children. That’s because all products—by law—on the EPA list of products to combat bacteria and viruses are pesticides. And pesticide exposure in childhood has been linked to attention and learning problems, as well as cancer. Even death.

But don't worry

TANCS uses naturally occurring minerals to disinfect

The TANCS reactor chamber is the heart of every Ladybug steam cleaner and is the core technology that has been tested by universities and laboratories across the nation. It features an innovative design that produces electrochemical reactions as water passes through it from the reservoir to the boiler, allowing the water’s minerals to change into millions of nanocrystals.

TANCS technology, explained

White papers & technology reports

Saturated steam vapor disinfection vs chemical disinfectants

A diverse assortment of pathogenic microorganisms was rapidly killed by the steam disinfection system; all of the pathogens tested were completely inactivated within 5 seconds.